Welcome to my blog. I am a middle age woman, wife, daughter and mother…I left a corporate career in 2000…firing the nanny, and turning in my management salary to instead manage a home and family, raising two sons… I became a world-class volunteer in the public schools system, scouts and the community…along with becoming the primary caregiver to my elderly mom in my home for 9 years.

Flash forward…my mom died, the kids left the nest (well, sort of), and I spend my days attempting to find people to pay me for my time and talents. And I ask myself, when did I become obsoleted? And with so many of my friends asking the same question…I decided there has to be a story here…or many stories…and so, this blog was born.

I suffer from anxiety and technology-angst (my kids think I am a technology dinosaur), but I try to see humor in my worsening eye-sight and the fact that I no longer own a single tailored suit. This blog is about all of the little moments when we soccer moms – and obsoleted soccer moms –  take on seemingly magical abilities and get the job – whatever it is – done. To perfection.

Dedicated to anyone (soccer mom, corporate mom, dads and anyone who is a caregiver of young or old) out there who sometimes struggle, just a bit…with technology, relationships, aging or just getting through a particular day. Best, Diane

Dealing with our children

Remember what we obsoleted soccer moms say…

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