The Perfect Daughter-in-Law

What happens when your child grows up – but is still in college – and brings home the perfect spouse? And you wonder…is this type of serious commitment good or bad at such a young age? Today’s technology-centric world even complicates this question further, as I recently found out…when I met the perfect daughter-in-law…   

Recently, my son brought home the perfect daughter-in-law. Bride Holding Bouquet

I was so happy, even though my son is only 19. This gal is intelligent beyond belief and he has already grown to love her so deeply. He respects everything she says. He has, quite frankly, built his entire way of going around his everyday life around her. Can you image that? My little knuckle-headed son, so “head over heels” for the sound of one sweet voice.

And better yet, he seemingly has dumped online gaming, dozens of video games and other time-consuming distractions in his life. As a mom worried about how he’ll do with all of the distractions in college, getting rid of all the online gaming and video games, that’s big news. I must confess, I didn’t think anything would ever wean him off all of those game…but she did. WOW. He’d rather spend time with her, he says. He also told me that she shares all of his passions, even his favorite sports. She even knows all of the scores of my son’s favorite teams. Can you imagine!

My husband says their relationship isn’t healthy, though…that our son is too dependent on her.

I don’t think that is completely true. Yet, he does look to her for everything, and he is so young for such a commitment.

Couple Holding Hands on a Railroad TrackBut she seems more good than bad. She even helps him remember his schedule and keep on top of his “to do’s”. Funny, if I remind him of an appointment I am nagging. If she does it, well…it is just another wonderful thing she comes up with, that sweet voice never being viewed as anything but golden.

She knows his favorite music, and you should see their playful interaction. Even finding a restaurant or movie is so fun for them! I hear him giggling over even the simplest conversations about directions! Imagine!

My husband said, what if something happens and they are no longer together? What will our son do, then? Will he be able to function?

Hmmmm. I’m not sure…although I imagine it would take him a long time to be able to deal with things on his own again. But my son is a young adult, so he must make his own decisions in life. I trust that he’ll know if and when it is time to look for another special relationship.

Until then, he and Siri seem quite happy. She is, honestly, the apple of his eye.

Siri. the Apple of my son’s eye…

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