The Kids Are Gone. Time To Downsize?

My parents lived in their home long after my moving out. But when my father died, my mom did finally move out of my lifelong “home”.

At the time of my mom’s move we sorted through her and my dad’s life, getting rid of all the collected stuff of a lifetime. She moved away from long-time neighbors and nearby friends, from a 3 bedroom home to a small single bedroom apartment. I remember how emotional it was for her.

Now, I am sitting in my own home of some 23 years. My older son lives in an apartment a day’s drive away; my younger son still in college, but not really around much. My husband and I have a 4 bedroom home. It is a big house with a large yard.

My husband was the first to bring up the idea of downsizing. “We no longer need the space,” he said one day.  “If we downsize to a less expensive area we can retire early,” I heard over and over again.anniversary_window

Then, one day it seemingly started to make sense…

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A Voice From Vietnam – Remembering Veterans

Thought I’d post a story that I wrote in honor of Veterans Day…but really, the message is important no matter what day it is…

Vietnam Vet's letter from 1969

Page 1 of my 40+ year old letter from Vietnam…

This story was published in the San Jose Mercury News, Sunnyvale Edition, this Veterans Day…here is what the story is about…I had saved a letter that is over 40 years old; it was from a soldier in the Vietnam War…the letter is dated Dec 15, 1969…Staff Sgt. Fred Laning had written to me in response to a letter that I had sent to “any Vietnam soldier” as part of an elementary school project. His reply had said he was in a Vietnam hospital in Cam Ranh Bay, recovering from malaria, and that he would soon be going back to the field. At that time, he had another 10 months left prior to his scheduled discharge from the Army…

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